101 Development Resources, Inc.

Our founder

"President - Darin Haslip: Our Goal Is Providing Alternatives to Public Sector Services"
  • 101 Development Resources, Inc. is a corporation that has been providing community development services to public and private entities since January of 2007.
  • Presently, 101 Development Resources Inc., is representing up to 18 jurisdictions for a variety of community development needs.
  • Our goal is to provide a user friendly experience and provide for the public health, welfare and safety of the good people of the great state of Minnesota.


We established 101 Development Resources, Inc. to accomplish one goal and one goal only:  To provide a cost effective private sector alternative in an industry dominated by the public sector.  Our primary clientele includes public jurisdictions, sovereign nations, private companies and individuals seeking a user friendly alternative for community development services.



To provide service specialties consisting of building code administration including plan review and inspections, HUD inspections, zoning administration, business and community development services.


Our goal is to maintain a professional, simplified process by providing our customers with the most effective tools tailored to meet their needs at an affordable cost.


At 101 Development Resources, Inc., we've taken our experiences and created our own methodology to keep your community development needs on track and affordable to the good people of your jurisdictions.